4 Tips for Learning How to Cover General News

So, you want to become a reporter and discuss general news topics? In this modern age, you no longer have to head off to college and become a journalism major to be heard and develop your voice as a journalist or reporter of general news.

Through blogging and large news websites, there are many opportunities for you to get your news articles out there and be read by the masses.

newsUse the following tips to help point you in the right direction on your path towards learning how to cover general news.

4 – Stay Up to Date

The first tip is one of the most important – you need to stay up to date with the latest general news. A reporter or journalist should always be aware of the latest developments and follow the news closely. You may want to consider using an RSS reader to ensure you never miss a new article from your primary sources of information. Another option is to create a Twitter List to quickly check tweets from a group of news organizations.

3 – Start Writing Daily

The best way to start improving your writing skills is to write on a daily basis. Even if you are not submitting your articles anywhere, you should still attempt to write a general news articles at least once per day. Try to compose an article News.347152400_stdthat is at least 500 words and include your sources. If you not found employment writing general news articles yet, you could post your articles to a blog and use a tag or category to separate them from your other blog articles. After months of writing, you should have a large portfolio of articles that you can show to potential employers.

2 – Contact General News Websites

Once you feel comfortable writing about general news, you could start contacting various general news websites. Ask if they are looking for submissions from freelance reporters or journalists. Even if the pay is not very high, you are at least getting your work out there. To further your name, avoid seeking work as a ghost writer. With ghostwriting, you are not credited as the author of the article. While this is a good method for improving your writing and learning how to stick to deadlines, it may not help you gain employment in the future.

1 – Major in Journalism

While a college degree is not always required by all news organizations, some of the large groups may require it. To write about general news, having a degree with a major in journalism can only help your cause. Even when applying to smaller websites, most people would choose a person with a college degree over a self-taught writer if it came down to a choice between the two.

Read Comments

news_01If you are lucky enough to start getting your articles posted on a general news website that gets quite a bit of visitor traffic then read the comments. The comments are a great source for unfiltered criticisms of your writing. People leaving comments are generally not afraid to give you their honest opinion of what they thought about your writing. If you read a few dozen comments and they are only about the topic of your story and not your writing, then you have succeeded with that article. At the same time, do not try to argue your point in the comment section, especially when working for another general news website.

Hopefully you found these tips beneficial towards your goal of learning how to cover general news. Stay up to date, write every day, submit your work, and consider a higher education. If you stick with it, you should eventually be able to realize your goals. Thanks for reading and send us any comments or questions.

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